Does Costa Rica depend on tourism?

Question by Noel: Does Costa Rica depend on tourism?
Does Costa Rica depend on tourism?

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Answer by Eun Ji
Hi Noel,

I tried to find information that might be relevant to answering your question on the web.

World Tourism and Travel Council ( assess the Travel & Tourism industry’s contribution to GDP and jobs in different countries. Their report on Costa Rica offers statistics and data regarding its tourism industry. I suggest you take a look through the report:

According to a country background note updated by the Department of State on April 9, “Commerce, tourism, and services” which consist of “hotels, restaurants, tourist services, banks, and insurance” accounted for 67% of GDP in 2010. While things may have changed since 2010, this measure indicates that commerce, tourism and services are important to Costa Rican economy.

CIA’s World Factbook also mentions, “Tourism continues to bring in foreign exchange, as Costa Rica’s impressive biodiversity makes it a key destination for ecotourism.”

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