How should I go about becoming President? (serious question)?

Question by Phil J: How should I go about becoming President? (serious question)?
I’m generally a pretty complacent person, but there is a lot of corruption, greed, and inequality in the world. Only those with power have the ability to change it. While my question is straightforward (what do I need to do to run for Pres?), I want the Yahoo Community to know why…

If I were president….

-Circuses would be outlawed. They are incredibly cruel to animals.

-Zoos would be no longer allowed to take animals from the wild. Also, all zoos would have to expand their exhibits. Sorry, but I would not want to be stuck in my apartment for the rest of my life. (800 square feet seems to be the average size of an exhibit. depending on the animal)

-Magazines would not be allowed to airbrush. That’s not going against the freedom of the press. For example, if Clinique wants to advertise their new foundation…Show what it actually looks like on REAL skin. Sorry. We all have pores. Airbrushing I think, contributes to FALSE ADVERTISING!

-Hate crimes would have a larger penalty. For example, if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle or religion, you have the right to disagree. You have NO RIGHT to abuse that person because of it.

-Marijuana would be legal.

-Tax deductions would be made for people who use alternative transportation.

-Tax deductions would also be made to people who go to the gym and live a healthy lifestyle.

-Employers (that have the ability to afford it. no faking audits!) would have to pay health insurance to their employees. If someone devotes a third of their day to you, you have to take of their well-being!

-Discrimination against someone because of their gender/religion/sexual orientation would also be illegal and punished harshly. If someone can do their job and try their best and be honest….Does it really matter if they aren’t a white male. (nothing against white males. but they are politically and socially dominant right now)

-Sunscreen would made cheaper.

-Tanning beds would be taxed.

-Organic farming…ONLY! There is just no reason of genetically altered crops. Europe has only organic foods and I don’t hear about Europeans having problems.

-Rape in movies would not be sexualized. I guess this might be infringing on “freedom of expression”, but I don’t see how making rape sexy is positive in any way.

-STD testing would be free.

I know you probably agree with my platform because it involves a little something called LOGIC, so please, help me! thanks.

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Answer by Steve T
You can do a lot at the community level. Start small. If you are presidential material you will rise up quickly.

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8 thoughts on “How should I go about becoming President? (serious question)?”

  1. Your platform is almost entirely based on emotion. You might win, because most people base their vote nowadays on emotion rather than substance.

    I believe in a free country where you can go to the circus if you want, farmers can farm the way they think is best, people can get a tan if they want without being taxed extra, you have to pay for the services you want, even STD testing, Sunscreen companies can charge whatever price they think people will pay for their product, people can us whatever transportation THEY feel is best and most convenient for their family, people can make any kind of movie they want (YOU don’t have to watch it), Magazines could do whatever they want to the pictures in their magazine, etc. etc.

    THIS IS AMERICA, not some communist dictatorship!


  2. Slowly rise through the ranks. Start with something small such as leading a local school or overseeing many events that take place in your city. Start off in your city’s congressional district by being elected as a representative. Then if you can try to jump to a mayoral position or become a representative or senator of your state. From there, it should be a lot easier to run for president. It’s going to be be tough but if you persevere, you should be able to make it.

  3. I dont know what planet your from but your never going to be president. Make your views heard via newspapers etc all you should do is raise awareness about these issues. There is no way you will end up president so start thinking smaller.

  4. Where would all the animals in current zoo’s go? They can’t be returned to the wild, they wouldn’t know how to survive.

    Not all Circuses use animals. There’s a circus in my town that travels all around the country that uses people and no animals. Would circuses like that be outlawed as well?

    STD testing is already free in many areas, such at planned parenthood or free of charge if you have the right insurance.

    “Tax deductions would also be made to people who go to the gym and live a healthy lifestyle” What if the nearest gym is 20 miles away? That would not be fair to people in rural areas. What about people that have a home gym? Would that count?

    “Magazines would not be allowed to airbrush” They are selling a product. Doesn’t matter if it’s make up, food, or a car. Airbrushing is needed, in movies, tv and print. The best soultion to this would be to empower women and girls and being a nation wide program teaching women and girls they are fine just the way they are and airburshing is nothing more than just that-a way to sell a product and real women look just like them.

    “Tax deductions would be made for people who use alternative transportation” would this include people who drive solar powered cars or just people who take the bus or a combonation of both?

  5. A lot of your “laws” like airbrushing in magazines, and what is shown in movies, blatantly violates the US Constitution, the right to free speech. If you oppose these things, then avoid them, but don’t tell other people what they can and can’t look at.

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