I have an air travel question.?

Question by B S: I have an air travel question.?
I booked a round trip ticket with US Airways about a month ago for Thanksgiving week. The first leg leaves from X and has one stop in Y before arriving in Z and the return flight is non stop Z to X. I have decided to change my destination for the departing flight and go to W. It is cheaper to buy a new ticket from Y to W than to pay the change fee, change fee for Y to Z leg + difference in fare > cost of ticket from Y to W. I purchased travel insurance, but the cost of a flight from X to W is more than what I would get back from the insurance + cost of a ticket from Y to W, so I have decided to just purchase a ticket from Y to W and and take my original flight from X to Y. I am also returning, as originally planned, from Z to X. So, I now have an extra ticket from Y to Z, the second half of the original first leg. Is there anyway I can be somehow reimbursed for this ticket I am not using? If so, how? I hope my question wasn’t too confusing. Thanks for your help.
The insurance company is Access America. I don’t believe they will reimburse me for the Y to Z leg if I was on the X to Y leg and the Y to Z leg was not canceled/delayed. The Y to Z leg is full, so I’m sure US airways could sell the ticket, but is there a way I can release it and at lest be partially reimbursed?
I know it’s not refundable and don’t expect to be able to exchange it for a new one, but it is a seat that US Airways could resell.
The cheap ticket? The issue came from me changing destinations. It should matter to US Airways, if they can sell a seat to me for $ 100 and then sell the same seat again for another $ 100 to someone else they’re better off than just selling it once to me. It would make sense for them to provide an incentive for me to release my ticket when I realize I won’t be using it so they can resell it.

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Answer by Rolla Fan
I had to read your question about 10 times before I assured myself this was actually happening. I don’t know what you read in the “Travel Insurance” from U.S. Airways, but they are not going to cover your *whatever reason for buying another ticket* just because you found a “cheaper” ticket.

It really doesn’t matter what your insurance is from. Most of the insurance companies will only cover if you had a medical situation and/or needed to be flown home. Then that’s when you are actually covered. Unless your ticket was REFUNDABLE, there is literally no way you can possibly be reimbursed.

Most people recognize that they purchased a service based on a written set of terms and conditions which they did not have to accept and could have avoided by purchasing a higher priced service. Have you ever wondered why REFUNDABLE tickets are a lot pricier than NON-REFUNDABLE tickets?

**EDIT**…. it doesn’t matter to US Airways. You bought two different tickets for yourself. I don’t want to sound like some jackass, but you did screw up dude. Next time, just buy cheap ticket and don’t look back.

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