More to the ladies: a good dog for a guy?

Question by Alex: More to the ladies: a good dog for a guy?
This question is more catered to the women. I just saw this yahoo article-video about which dog says what about a guy and my question is: Which dog would best accentuate a guy? Also, what are your opinions about beagles and sheperds/huskeys?

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Answer by k22baby
German sheaperd great dogs, manly but still sweet. They are smart, loyal, and protective I once had one and they are a grey breed for just about any one!

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3 thoughts on “More to the ladies: a good dog for a guy?”

  1. My son has beagles, I have always had huskies. As a retired Animal Control Officer I can tell you this about both these breeds……they LOVE to run! Once a beagle has its nose to the ground you’d be lucky to ever catch it! Huskies can go on forever! It’s in their blood to travel, normally. The best dog out there, in my opinion is a Border Collie. It is a known and proven fact that they are considered the easiest to train and the smartest dog alive. They aren’t really big so they “fit” in a house, apartment, etc..and they aren’t small to the point of embarrassing a guy. 🙂 This breed LOVES to take walks and keep active. They can catch frisbees on the fly, herd cattle, protect children…and are VERY loyal! In some Townships/cities German Sheperds are on the home insurance “hit list” because they can get aggressive. Hope that helps.

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