Q&A: can’t afford surgery!!!?

Question by needinggodinmylife: can’t afford surgery!!!?
A couple weeks ago, I had an accident where I cut my Ulnar artery and nerve and am unable to use my hand until I have a very pricey surgery. I am uninsured, have very poor credit, and am on leave from work until I can get it fixed. The hospital is refusing to do the surgery until I have some kind of insurance or financial aid. Any suggestions on where I can go to get help? I’ve tried welfare but don’t qualify cuz I don’t have kids. I’m so scared and lost!!!

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Answer by Amanda
Contact the hospital directly. Most hospitals have financial assistance programs for people in your situation that will cover a percentage of the costs based on your income.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: can’t afford surgery!!!?”

  1. You should be able to get some type of charity care from the hospital. Keep track of denial letters because you may need them in the long run to prove that you’ve been turned down trying to use other methods of payment.

    I’m not sure what state you live in but it should have some form of Medicaid for you even if you don’t have children.

    Good luck.

  2. You type well with one hand. The longer you wait, the poorer your prognosis will be.

    Why do you need welfare? Better look again. You need medical insurance coverage. There are programs to assist people without children but you have to ask and you have to be persistent. You may qualify for Medicaid even without cash assistance. You have a disability. Have you looked into Disability benefits? Go back to the the welfare office and apply for Medicaid, then go to the Social Sec. Admin. and apply for disability. And, I agree, that although you say the “hospital is refusing to do the surgery”, you spoke to only one person and you didn’t speak to the “hospital”. Call back and ask the hospital operator to connect you to Patient Business Services or whatever they call it and find out if they offer an assistance program.

    Consider an employment position that offers benefits.

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