Q&A: is the job posting of WCYA for Vietnam true?

Question by mamhie yumi: is the job posting of WCYA for Vietnam true?
they post this things in their websites…The application form will automatically disappear after we receive the last application.

Note: Due to time limitation, this process will automatically approve you. If you don’t
have the required certificate (minimum high school diploma and fluent in English) and
can not pay your work visa processing and one year international health insurance fee
of $ 250.00 USD on or before Friday February 4th, 2011 please kindly for the sake of
the lord, don’t complete the application. Please fear the lord and accept our request.
We have already received three disappointments and still waiting payment from 3
applicants. Steven will be leaving for Vietnam on Sunday and must travel with all
documents and requirement.___________Work Visa processing/insurance fee is $ 250 USD. If you can not pay for your
fee before Friday 02/04/2011, please don’t continue with this application….thanks

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Answer by rick m
This is a scam. They take your money to “Process” your visa and “Process” your insurance “application”. it says NOTHING about getting you either. If I were a low-down thief, I’d offer to “process” your paperwork for 1/2 price. lol
NEVER send money to people who claim they are talking to god, or that god wants you to do something or god will punish you if you don’t. If god is all-powerful, he wouldn’t need these dopes to threaten you. Think about it, he must have a mobile phone that would make Steve Jobs drool. If he really cared about this scam, I think the least he could do is give you a call. LOL

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