Q&A: Visit Visa charges for seniors to UAE?

Question by gulffamily: Visit Visa charges for seniors to UAE?
I am planning to bring my parents to Abu Dhabi in next couple of months. I need the charges for the visit visa for 2 months stay. Father is 71yrs and Mother is 65 yrs. Is there any additional deposits to be done for the age factor? Is there a medical plan available (insurance) for 2 months for them?

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Answer by MM
You’d be wise to verify all questions through the Consulate in New York or Washington DC before proceeding. That is where the visas process: at one those locations. Go online and find telephone numbers and call.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Visit Visa charges for seniors to UAE?”

  1. There are no additional requierments for older Tourists. The visa charge is DHS 100 each.

    The age factor is only relevant, when your parents would apply for a residence visa.

    You can get insurance for the traveling time. Your parents should check with the insurance they have now. Because I don’t know where you are from, I can’t help you in this case. In some countries also travel agencies provide you with an “holiday insurance”.

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