Q&A: What is “Travel Medical Insurance”?

Question by Tracey: What is “Travel Medical Insurance”?
Is this an insurance for illness/ accidents during your trip from your country to the other country or is this for illness/ accidents during your stay in the other country. Thanks for your answers.

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Answer by OzNana
It is to insure you against getting an illness or having to pay for medical costs in the event of an accident while you are travelling. Medical / hospital can can be astronomically expensive in some countries, so it’s a good idea to have medical insurance if you go overseas.

It covers the time when you are travelling and the time that you are away.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: What is “Travel Medical Insurance”?”

  1. Yep, it’s a modified insurance policy that covers NEW, unexpected, illnesses or injuries while you are traveling.

    typically, it does NOT cover anything related to a preexisting condition.

  2. That is the same thing. If you are travelling you ARE in the other country. If you get sick in mid-flight or on board a ship, the carrier would take action, but that should be covered by international health insurance.

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