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SPANISH homework help please?

Question by regina: SPANISH homework help please?
does SEGURO mean “insurance” or “surely”? how do you use it in a sentence?
how do you use EL EXTRANJERO in a sentence? can i say ‘el destino es extranjero’?

what does EL PASABORDO mean?
what does EL AEROMOZO mean?
does ESCOGER EL ASIENTO mean “to choose a seat”?
does LA VENTANA have any other meaning than “the window”?

do EL AEROMOZO and LA AZAFATA and EL ASISTENTE DE VUELO all mean the same thing (the flight attendant)?
do LA VENTANA and LA VENTANILLA both mean the same thing (the window)?
do CAUSAR and OCASIONAR both mean the same thing (to cause)? they don’t mean anything else?

what is the difference between ABROCHARSE and ABROCHADOS?

if VOLAR means “to fly”, how do you say ‘she flies’ or ‘i fly’ etc.? show me all the conjugations please! (yo, tu, el/ella/ud, nosotros, ellos/ellas/uds)

does EL VUELO mean “the flight” and EL VIAJE mean “the trip”?
does LA MALETA mean “the suitcase” and EL EQUIPAJE mean “the luggage”?

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Answer by Flynn
I only kno the volar thing and its yo=volo
Ud./él/Ella= vola

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Canadians and health care: two questions please?

Question by .: Canadians and health care: two questions please?
1) What happens when you are unemployed and therefore not paying taxes? Is a welfare system in place like in France? or are you dropped on your ass like in USA? Or do part of the taxes you pay when you buy goods (books & clothing etc.) all go to pay for health care too?

2)What happens when a Canadian falls ill while visiting USA or—goodness forbid—has an accident and needs ER care. How does it work if you don’t have traveler’s health insurance? Does Canada step in to reiumburse USA or do they let you bleed to death at the ER like your average USA citizen?
@Thinking: I was wondering when I posted whether any Yank was going to come here and tell me it’s a lie about the “bleeding to death”. It happens more than you think. Yanks deny this freely but it’s true: when you go to ER the first thing they ask you is your insurance card. If you don’t have it, you are not seen, regardless of your condition. On a rare occasion they will take care of someone unconscious who is near death, but don’t count on it by default. (Yanks can deny this all they want, it’s the truth and you have news records to look up to find out for yourselves).

Best answer:

Answer by thinkingtime
All legal residents of Canada are enrolled in their home province’s health care insurance pool. It’s paid for from general taxes. This covers care inside Canada, full care in your own province and emergency care in other provinces.

If you are unemployed coverage continues as normal.

If you fall ill in another country, such as the USA, your home provincial insurance will pay ER fees to the extent of the charge in Canada. Say $ 50 for an ER visit.

US hospitals set their own rates [someone I know was charged $ 35 000 to occupy a gurney in the ER, without doctors etc].

Canadians heading South can get emergency care insurance for about $ 25 for a week. Most people opt for insurance as American health care costs are well known in Canada.

Your comment on “bleeding to death” sounds offensive used in a Canadian context. Going to the US is similar to going to an African country, get insurance or pay your bill.

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