Travel Insurance Basics You Need To Know Before You Travel

Traveling abroad has many perks. For one, you get to see spectacular sights you do not normally see everyday. Apart from that, you also get to meet new people, experience different culture, and learn about so many valuable things including a place’s history and heritage. Moreover, during a vacation, you will not only get the relaxation that you need, you also get to do different kinds of activities that will give you a rush like no other. It is therefore why people constantly have that inherent urge to go places.

Now before you pack your bags and get on to the next flight available, you have to remember that traveling is not all about fun and excitement. It also requires careful planning and preparation if you want your journey to be a safe and successful one. One of the things that you would definitely need to plan for is the travel insurance.

Travel insurance is like a financial “safety net” that protects you from various kinds of adverse scenarios that may happen during your trip.

In order for you to make a smart choice when you purchase a travel insurance, here are the top things that you should know:

Travel Insurance Coverage

A good travel insurance policy will cover all sorts of misfortunes ranging from minor ones like minor illnesses, insect bites, mild injuries to major catastrophes like broken limbs, serious accidents, medical bills, and emergency evacuation. Apart from illnesses and accidents, a policy should also cover lost baggage, delayed flights, cancelled flights, and so on. The policy should compensate for whatever monetary loss, inconvenience, pain and suffering that you have endured due to these circumstances.

Exclusions In The Coverage

Insurance coverage differs per policy. But usually, insurance do not cover chemical attacks, injuries caused acts of terrorism, civil war, or commotion, illnesses due to alcohol or illegal drug use, injuries caused by dangerous or extreme sports, attacks from pre-existing medical records such as diabetes or hypertension.

Insurance Travel Tips

1. Purchase travel insurance before your trip. It is always best to buy insurance before you even book your vacation. This way, you can be covered for any possible unfortunate event that may arise even before you vacation begins.

2. Study your options. There are many kinds of travel insurance, which include but are not limited to international student insurance, visitor health insurance, family holiday insurance, insurance for senior citizen, insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions, and so on. It is important that you study all the options available along with the costs and inclusions so you can choose the policy that is appropriate for you.

3. Keep a photocopy of all your travel insurance documents when you travel.

4. In case of a medical emergency or accident, you need to submit the following information to the insurance company: police report, medical bills, doctors’ reports, boarding passes and tickets, and so on.

5. See to it that you have the necessary travel insurance company information with you before you travel. You should have the number to the company’s 24-hour emergency hotline.

These are just few of the many things that you need to know regarding travel insurance. Make sure that you thoroughly study about it before you go on with your trip.

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