Travel Insurance Coverage Of The Pandemic Flu

Mounting infections, various government alerts and massive quarantines of foreign visitors. With regard to H1N1 or swine flu there is always some negative news to expect. Travelers are given the sole responsibility of finding a way to protect themselves against the problem of this viral infection epidemic. What travelers should do is take a number of health precautions but obtaining travel insurance can also be very helpful in this case.

In this case, it may not be able to cover everything. According to the executive vice president of an online comparison site based in Warwick, RI there were a lot of big trip insurance providers that no longer granted coverage for H1N1 after H1N1 was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. Today, some of these companies are back to considering covering H1N1. He said that earlier this month he was not aware of any big trip insurers that still enforced a so called pandemic exclusion for H1N1.

A Question and Answer portion with regard to the recent general industry practices on H1N1 is what this is. Considered here are bundled policies wherein there is coverage provided for any expenses rooting from trip cancellation and interruption not to mention medical care and other situations. For the first question, it is all about whether or not someone can have their nonrefundable deposits reimbursed if a trip is cancelled considering a contraction of H1N1 by the person, his family member, or his traveling companion before leaving. In this case, you can get a refund if you provide the necessary documentations for the illness.

The next question is about trip cancellations that are because of the fear of getting swine flu or the fear of being quarantined in the destination country. Here, you can be sure to receive a no. Most insurance companies will say that what their standard policies exist to insure are unpredictable occurrences and definitely not a state of mind. There are cases when a state of mind can be insured and this is if you pay extra for a cancel for any reason rider which can then be added to the coverage from your standard policy.

This is how this arrangement works. A standard policy covers you for losses incurred if you cancel a trip for one of the covered reasons, such as illness or job loss. In terms of the reasons included in a cancel for any reason rider, the list is longer. With regard to the trade off, the rider can boost the premium in this case and this can be to about 4 percent to 8 percent of the cost of the trip while they will only pay you less than 100 percent of the losses you incur for reasons outside the standard policy. There is also the question that pertains to the possibility of warnings and advice being given by a US government agency in terms of how risky traveling to certain destinations could be. The US State Department released travel alerts for China at one time as there were a lot of reports claiming that American visitors were being subjected to quarantine for suspected H1N1 infection.

It was the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that mentioned that if the elderly and some other family members at high risk, women, or a pregnant companion contracts the virus then will it be possible for you to get back your nonrefundable deposits. Here, you will get nothing but a no. Normally, a government warning will not hold up as a viable reason for cancelling a trip as said by the executive of the company.

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