What are the “types of health insurance”?

Question by Freakgirl: What are the “types of health insurance”?
I was going call around for health insurance & a girl asked me what kind I wanted. I had NO IDEA how to answer that. ps, I’m 40, non smoker, live in Illinois, healthy.

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Answer by Jen
They could be referring to one of the following:
Some plans cover just catastrophic events where you’d be in the hospital, others also cover things such as basic doctor’s visits, check ups, etc.

Health plans are also broken down into HMO’s (health maintenance orgs), PPO’s (preferred provider orgs), POS’s (point of service plans) and a few others.

Try calling BCBS of IL and see what kinds of plans they can offer you – they should give you a variety of plans to choose from and they should also explain the differences between them. After that, try other insurance companies to shop around and compare rates.

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3 thoughts on “What are the “types of health insurance”?”

  1. There are 2 basic types:

    1.Reimbursement for hospital and doctor expense, and
    2. Reimbursement for loss of income due to sickness or accident.

    Most people are thinking of #1 when seeking ‘health’ insurance. There many ways of dealing with the question and the subject is too long to answer here.

  2. As Jen mentioned there are many types. There are also variations of each type. If you contact an independent broker they can explain the different types and variations and also give you quotes from Blue Cross and all the other major companies at one place. They don’t charge you any extra for the service; the policies and premiums are the same if you use an agent or if you go directly to the company. One advantage of using an agent is a local person you can sit down with and ask questions.

  3. HMO= where you pick the site and can see any Dr in the building, you also need a referral to see any other kind of specialist, that you insurance has to approve before you see them… HmO’s are a big pain in the ass.
    PPO where you pick the DR and you can see them where ever the travel to. with PPO you usually have a deductible… where you have to pay like 500 before you insurance will kick in at 100%, buy your monthly payments are lower

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