What is an insurance advisor?

Question by sowseeds: What is an insurance advisor?
While I was searching yahoo questions and answer for a work at home job,I saw an answer to a question in careers and employment mention the job insurance advisor,what is an insurance advisor? Is this selling insurance?

I am a caregiver and I am limited to working when and where I want so I am looking for a real online job. I am also finishing up an online course I took in medical transcription,but that is going to take a while to learn the job. Meanwhile because I can only work part time outside the home in the medical field,I am searching for an online fulltime job.

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Answer by Paul
The short answer is yes. An Insurance Adviser sells insurance. The real difference is the typically an insurance agent is paid by the insurance company. An adviser is paid by the client that they are advising. Not all states have licenses for Insurance Advisers. Of the ones that do, you usually have to hold an Insurance license for a while before you can get the Advisers License..

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2 thoughts on “What is an insurance advisor?”

  1. An insurance advisor does NOT sell insurance. For a pre-negotiated fee, they will review your insurance setup, do a risk analysis, and make recommendations.

    An insurance broker sells insurance, working on behalf of the client. An insurance agent, sells insurance, working on behalf of the company. Some insurance “advisors” are also agents and brokers – some agents and brokers call themselves “advisors”. Some states define and regulate “advisor” as a different class than selling insurance. The problem is, it frequently means different things to different people, and each state regulates insurance independently.

    Most of the time, an insurance advisor works with large, commercial accounts, and has years and years of experience. Most states require that you have an insurance license.

    This is not going to be much of an online job – because you’ll be in client’s offices, reviewing their paperwork, and meeting with agents and brokers. Also, depending on your clients, you may very well have overnight travel.

    You’re not going to find someone willing to hire someone with no experience to do this as an at home job, sorry.

  2. Yes, this involves selling insurance. That being said there are companies that allow you to sell without leaving your home. Although I would not recommend it as it is important to stay in front of your clients, but it is possible.

    Let me know if you need more information.

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